Voices in the Distance/ Music in the Negev and Brandenburg(ISR)

21.-22_Dec_2021 in Tel Aviv and in Arad, Israel

Collaboration with Meitar Ensemble

New works by Julia Mihály, Sarah Nemstov, Malte Giesen, Hadas Pe’ery, Adam Maor, Eliav Kohl
Created in collaboration with, and accompanied by texts of, community members from the Negev desert region in Israel and Brandenburg state: Norah Inbar, Eran Tzelgov, Saar Yachin, Sarah Fartuun Heinze, Andre Huyoff and Alex Stolze.

Hadas Pe’ery/ Text: Sarah Fartuun Heinze_Creatures of Kottbus(2021) for fl, bcl, vl, vc, keyboard & performer
Julia Mihály/ Text: Norah Inbar_Ascending in Front of the Void(2021) for fl, bsn, vl, vc & tape
Eliav Kohl/ Electronic sounds: Alex Stolze_Live Music(2021) for bfl, bcl, vl, vc, pf, light & prerecorded sounds
Adam Maor/ Text: Andrea Huyoff_You Won(2021) for cl, bsn, pf & vc
Malte Giesen/ Text: Eran Tzelgov_Another Rain Song(2021) for bcl, bsn, keyboard, vc & tape
Sarah Nemstov/ Text: Saar Yachin_Legend of a Stream(2021) for amplified ensemble ( bfl, bcl, vl, vc, keyboard) & assistant (slide show)
Artistic management: Or Shemesh and Amit Dolberg.

The project „Voices in the Distance – Music in the Negev and Brandenburg“ was supported by a grant from the ישראל-גרמני העתיד פורום קרן Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum, The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund and Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.