hand werk
[`hand vɛrk]
good musick

HW18C_ concert series by hand werk in Cologne
19th September 2018 7:30 pm
in cooperation with Odeon Cinema Cologne, funded by the City of Cologne and Musikfonds

extended program of HAND WERK MIT STROM this week at Festival Transart in Bolzano, Italy
22nd September 2018 8:30pm

Recently released_ Portrait-CD by Lisa Streich
hand werk with Pietà for motorised violoncello (Niklas Seidl) and ensemble

_current videos with pieces from Yaeko Asano, Enno Poppe, Irene Galindo Quero and Thierry Tidrow we played at concerts in Tel Aviv, Israel past year

Yaeko Asano: Kiste (2010)
for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello
Film, Editing: Shali Boharon

released in 2017:

available through ON-Cologne or through email