Konzerte am 6 und 8_September_2023

6_Sept_20.45h_cloud 9 im Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

Luis Antunes Pena: tracking noise #4 (2018) for 3 Performers with light and cables
Zara Ali: New Piece (wp) for ensemble, electronics and video
Uri Kochavi: New Piece (wp) for ensemble with DIY Objects
Carlos Cotallo Solares: Extreme Metal Studies (2023) for 6 Performers

8_Sept_12.30h_Hertz im Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

Saad Haddad: New Piece (wp) for ensemble
Natacha Diels: 2.5 nightmares, for Jessie (2014) for Cello and 2 assistants
Sara Glojnarić: sugarcoating #2 (2018) for Cl, Pno, Vc
Niklas Seidl: shambles (2019) for ensemble

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