Münchener Biennale

03-05_April_2021 Freiheizhalle, München
Münchener Biennale
GREAT VOYAGE IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION  (Expeditions to the archive of the reality factory)

Musictheatre by: Yair Klartag, Anda Kryeziu, Tobias Eduard Schick and Katharina Vogt
cast: hand werk
Direction and costume: Christiane Pohle
Set design and costume: Zahava Rodrigo
Dramaturgy: Malte UbenaufText: Ror Wolf

A grand journey in the opposite direction is best undertaken with companions. Especially if the journey’s route is within your own home. In the present case, for this reason right away several people set off at different times: the musicians of the instrumental ensemble hand werk, the composers Anda Kryeziu, Yair Klartag, Tobias Schick and Katharina Vogt, the director Christiane Pohle, stage- and costume designer Zahava Rodrigo and the writer Ror Wolf. The latter is more or less essentially responsible for a group of completely unknown tenants suddenly appearing after they pass through a well-camouflaged wall opening. How could one not notice each other up until then? How could they not hear each other? And what does this irritating encounter mean for the continuation of the planned music theater expedition: is it a fork in the road, an intersection, or a dead end? Ror Wolf summarizes the state of things as follows: “So, I came as far as this point and this is perhaps the end here, or, if I want to be precise, not the end, but the moment before the end, or perhaps the opposite, not the end, not even the moment before the end, but rather only the beginning, or not the beginning either, but something else, a third element: something between the beginning and the end.”