Days of New Music Izmir

29-30_May_2021 Tage für Neue Musik Izmir
Workshop with students from the university and concert on sustainability

Dorokhov, Georgy: Manifest (2009) for 3 performers with styrofoam and bows
New work from Izmir
Seidl, Niklas: ich mag müll (2012)
New work from Izmir
Sarhan, François: Situation 17 (Freiheit und Macht) for 3 performer
New work from Izmir
Maierhof, Michael: shopping 4 (2005-06) for 3 performers with balloons
New work from Izmir
Vosecek, Simon: Latte (2011) Fl, Cl, Pno, Vl, Vc

Tage für Neue Musik Izmir II