Executable Notations Hannover

25_April_2023_8pm Sprengel Museum, Hannover (Calder Saal)

Executable Notations: Complicity with Artificial Imagination #1

three graphic Scores by Damian Marhulets, created in complicity with AI

“Topographic Etudes” (WP, 2022)

for Piano and eight mini-spekers, with additional sample-keyboard

“Walking Backwards: Notations For a Purposeful Drift” (WP, 2023) performed by hand werk

psychogeographic maps for ensemble with instruments ad lib.

“Places No One Is Supposed To See” (UA, 2022)

audiovisual exploration of non-existing liminal spaces; AI photography & aural-design

Marina Baranova, Piano, and Damian Marhulets, Electronics & Visuals
Organised by Ars Aperta Hannover e.V., in cooperation with Klangbrücken 2023 – Musik und
Technologie / Iannis Xenakis.