concert series 2023

9_March_2023 Swedish Music with Johan Svensson

17-23_April_2023 Works by Manos Tsangaris and Carola Bauckholt

25_Jun_2023 portrait concert Dieter Mack

concert series 2023

4_July_2023 with works by Glojnarić, Eimermacher, Tidrow, Cotallo Solares, Pesson und Antunes Pena

end of July/begin of Aug_2023 concert by hand werk as well as InSitu/City as Ulysses Network Project with works by Hertig, Destremau, Koumará and Siffert

6-10_Sept_2023 new works by Uri Kochavi, Zara Ali and Saad Haddad

concert series 2023

10_Oct_2023 hand werk meets Julia Reidy

concert series 2023

12_Dec_2023 with works by Neumann, Martins, Wolman, Barden, do Nascimento and Steinke

(DE) Ensemble in Residence

26-28_June_2020 online workshop Ensemble in Residence Workshops and Concert...