_with Cathy an Eck and Sophia Spies

concert series by hand werk
September_1_2024_Alte Feuerwache, Melchiorstraße 3, 50670 Cologne

With this format, hand werk breaks away from the traditional concert situation and creates a social event. One musician performs a piece for one listener at a time - you are Unter4Ohren.
The musicians of hand werk each offer four to five short solo pieces, from which the audience can take turns choosing one for the musical tête-à-tête. Costume designer Sophia Spies will use costumes and props to transform the ensemble members into different character types, and the individual rooms will also be adapted accordingly. Composer Cathy van Eck will contribute an interactive sound installation.
In the courtyard of Alte Feuerwache, the audience can then sit together comfortably in a late summer atmosphere with drinks and food they have brought themselves and discuss what they have heard.

The event will take place in two sessions from 2-4pm and 5:30-7:30pm.

hand werk
Daniel Agi_ Flute
Heni Hyunjung Kim_ Clarinet
Moritz Koch_ Percussion
Jae A Shin_ Violin
Niklas Seidl_ Cello
Thibaut Surugue_ Piano

soundinstallation: Cathy van Eck
costume design/scene: Sophia Spies

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW and Kulturamt of the City of Cologne as well as ProHelvetia.

Means of transport/path to the venue accessible for wheelchair users. The courtyard is currently being renovated, but the path can be used. Only part of the venue itself is accessible for wheelchair users. There is a barrier-free toilet in the foyer (stage). 
More Infos about Alte Feuerwache available here.

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